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Our Archive spans over 50 years of Kerry life and we will include any information you may have on the many photographs in these galleries, by leaving a comment under the photo you are viewing for the benefit of others that will visit these images and remind them of days gone by.........

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Guestbook for Cleary Photo Archive
12.joe lingane(non-registered)
Don't see any pics of biddy tobin (lingane)
Of late I have been updating photos from the archives. It is so great to see some of your old clicks. Trust me! You have evolved so much in the last couple of years. Keep up the good work!
8.Cleary Photo Archive
Thank you so much for the memories. I am here in Margaret River enjoying every picture and remembering so many faces from my hometown.

Kay McCann, Margaret River, West Australia
7.Mary Curry(non-registered)
Fantastic pictures
6.Cleary Photo Archive
Brillant photo of my mother and father. My daughter Sydney said that her nanny looks so young and that she also looks beautiful. My younger daughter Hannah wanted to know who was next to nanny, when I said it was grandad she laughed and said " He Had Hair". Kids are so funny.

Franno Sheridan